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How to Write an Effective Content Brief for Your Copywriters

A copywriting brief is the foundation of all your copywriter’s work for your business. When well-formulated, there’s less need for back-and-forth communication and less risk of misunderstandings.

On top of that, a good copywriting brief ensures the resulting text is of a high standard and meets your expectations. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can create an effective copywriting brief that helps you get the content pieces you’re looking for. 

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Review: Jasper the AI Copywriter / Conversion.ai

Artificial Intelligence has entered the copywriting sphere. I repeat: AI is in the building! 

Jarvis (also known as Conversion.ai) is an artificial intelligence copywriting tool by entrepreneur Dave Rogenmoser. It’s an intelligent online writer that can create persuasive text based on a series of prompts that you feed it. The tool is promising. It’s a lifesaver for anyone who’s spent hours brainstorming copy for Facebook Ads, Emails, Headlines, etc. 

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How to Repurpose Old Content to Reach More Audiences & Expand Your Visibility

The topic of repurposing content is easily misunderstood. When we discuss repurposing existing content, we don’t mean simply copying and pasting it into a new article or resharing a content piece on the same social media platforms. We’re talking about taking advantage of that goldmine of existing content that you already have and breathing new life into it to create a whole new piece of content that provides value to a new set of audiences. 

Old content repurposing is your idea also – check how to do it.

4 Different Types of Content You Can Use On Your Website

Not all content is created equal! There are so many different types of content that you can add to your website, and each serves its purpose. Some content helps establish relationships with your audience, and others help build brand authority online. Some content can garner many shares and backlinks, while others provide users with valuable information. 

Curious about what content types we mentioned – read the article “4 Different Types of Content You Can Use On Your Website

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